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Library Compound View

Information on our library compounds can be displayed from the library search and display functions.

Compound Overview

This tab displays different information, based on the library compound and the level of annotation we have.

For siRNA oligos and pools supplied by Dharmacon we have mapped the 19-mer nucleotide sequences onto the Hg38 genome sequences as well as the RefSeq database to check if the original annotation is still valid and also identify any possible off-targets pools and oligos may have. The results of this mapping is shown in this compound overview.

Figure 1 - Library Compound View with Compound Overview tab selected and RefSeq mapping and Ensembl Genome Mapping results expanded.

Compound Scores

A score summary for the compound in each project and screen is shown in this tab. This is the same information that is shown in the results of a detailed search query, please see [here] for an explanation.

Deconvoluted Scores

If deconvoluted data is present for the compound, the Deconvoluted Scores tab will appear. Projects with deconvolution data will appear and can be expanded to show individual oligo scores. For more information about deconvoluted data click here. The project name will also link to the Project View of the selected project.

External Links

Various links are available for library compounds. For RNAi compounds, they can be linked to the Genome RNAi database, which can provide additional external screening data for the same compound.

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