Welcome to the Francis Crick Insitute - HTS DB


Who are we?

We provide a service capable of performing large- and small-scale screening projects using a wide range of assay techniques and addressing a diversity of biological questions reflecting the range of activities of laboratories within the Crick as well as external collaborating groups.

This is a public repository of all our screening data that can be made available. It is intended to provide a resource for biologists interested in specific screens and projects, but also as a large data resource for addtional analysis and mining projects.

What is the HTS Database?

The high-throughput screening database contains data from our Crick and external screening projects. Currently we have data relating to:

  • 129 Small scale siRNA screens in human cell lines
  • 23 Genome-wide siRNA screens in human cell lines
  • 2 Genome-wide siRNA screens in drosophila cell lines
  • 4 miRNA inhibitor/mimic screens

How can researchers use the HTS Database?

Please feel free to Browse our projects or alternatively you can Search our database for specific projects.

You can use our Search Summary meta-analysis tool for genome-wide screens.

You can also view a Detailed View of any gene or compound within our database.

Please see our Workflows and Help pages for more information.

The HTS database is under constant development. If you would like to use our data in a way not provided here, or have ideas how to improve our resource we would be very interested in hearing from you, please Contact our web development team.