The Third Academic RNAi and Functional Genomics Screening Meeting
June 9th 2014, London, UK

Agenda 2014

The agenda has yet to be finalised, but we have the following provisional speaker list:

  • Steve Brown(Sheffield) - "Technology developments and adding value to genome-wide RNAi screens"
  • Emma Shanks(Beatson)-"Screening and data multiplexing strategies to target cancer"
  • Claudio Mussolino(Institute for Cell and Gene therapy, Freiburg)-"Targeted genome editing with designer nucleases: from basic research to clinical applications"
  • Stefan Weimann(DKFZ)-"Genome-wide screening for miRNA-protein interaction networks in cancer"
  • Kosuke Yusa(Sanger)-"Genome-wide recessive genetic screening in mammalian cells with a lentiviral CRISPR-guide RNA library"
  • Jason Mercer(UCL)-"From Screen to Gene: Unraveling the Mystery of Poxvirus Genome Uncoating"
  • Shantanu Singh(Broad Institute)-"Seed effects confound RNAi image-based profiling experiments"
  • John Betts (University of Dundee)-"Screening the Ubiquitome: from Hypoxia to Huntington's Disease"
  • Julia Petschnigg (LMCB)-"Mammalian membrane two-hybrid (MaMTH): A novel functional proteomics assay for investigation of membrane protein interactions involved in cancerous signalling pathways"
  • Perkin Elmer -"Launch of the Opera Phenix HCS System"

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