Project Overview: Identify potential autophagy regulators in Pancreatic cancaer cell lines 
Screener: Maria New (Tooze Lab).
Extension:3481, Rm 612
Project Status: Published
Publications: Identification and Validation of Novel Autophagy Regulators Using an Endogenous Readout siGENOME Screen.. New et al., 2019
MDH1 and MPP7 Regulate Autophagy in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.. New et al., 2019
Project Start Date: Sep 2015
Keywords: Autophagy
Pancreatic Cancer
Libraries Screened:
  •   Full Genome 1536
  •   Full Genome 384
  •   Cherry Pick Deconvolution - KP4 Autophagy
  •   Maria Tim Autophagy Cherry Pick Hits